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Insurance Terms

Purchasing Methods

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Supplier Requirements

The Purchasing Department at the District of West Kelowna (DWK) is responsible for acquiring goods and services required by all departments, providing asset recovery (sales of obsolete and/or unnecessary materials), as well as managing a centralized inventory system, necessary for the effective and efficient day to day operation of the municipality.


  1. To maximize the benefits of the DWK and its citizens through the responsible acquisition of goods and services. 
  2. To create a fair and impartial purchasing system that considers past performance, quality, delivery, training, as well as price when evaluating products and services. 
  3. To use the highest ethical standards when dealing with suppliers and end users of goods and services.
  4. To build strong relationships with the community to benefit DWK as a whole.
Purchasing Authority

The Purchasing Manager and/or his delegate are given authority to purchase materials, equipment, supplies and services in accordance with the following criteria:     

    1. Items and/or services are included in the annual budget.
    2. The expenditure amount is the same or lower than the  budgeted amount. 
    3. Accepted supplier is the lowest qualified bidder meeting requirements and/or specifications, or in the case of an RFP, the recommended proposal receives the highest criteria score.

Purchasing Methods

Where goods and services to be purchased are contained in a current budget approved by Council, the general practice to be followed by the Purchasing Division shall be: 

  1. Purchases up to $1,500 utilize the Limited Value Purchase method. (At least one quotation required) 
  2. Purchases between $1,500 and $75,000 utilize Competitive Quotations.
    Note: Public opening of quotations may or may not occur.
    Quotations are typically received and opened in the Purchasing office and inquiries are welcome. Notice of these opportunities may include the same methods as used for the public tender process below. 
  3. Purchases above $75,000 utilize Public Tender Process (Tender’s and RFP’s).
    The Purchasing Department will advertise these opportunities. The ad media may include one or more of the following methods:
    1. Local, Provincial and National newspapers;
    2. BC Bid ; and/or
    3. In addition, known suppliers may also receive the notification directly; and,
  4. Tenders are opened publicly while Requests for Proposals are not.
Selling goods/services to DWK

The District of West Kelowna requires the following minimum documentation if you are providing services to the District. These minimum requirements may vary, depending on the project and specific requirements contained in the bid documents:  

  1. Copy of your current West Kelowna business licence and/or appropriate Intermunicipal business licence.
  2. Proof of current Worksafe BC coverage. 
  3. Proof of current insurance as outlined below.


Type of Insurance Limit of Liability
Comprehensive General Liability which includes: Bodily Injury and Property
Minimum $2,000,000/Event/Aggregate
Products/Completed Operations; Damage
Blanket Contractual
Contractor's Protective
Personal injury
Contingent Employer’s Liability
Broad form Property Damage
Non-Owned Automobile; Cross Liability Clause
Automobile Liability Limit of Liability
Please submit APV47 Bodily Injury and Property
Minimum $2,000,000/Event/Aggregate

Additional Insurance Terms

  1. Any deductable or Reimbursement Clause contained in the policy shall not apply to the District of West Kelowna and shall be the sole responsibility of the Insured.
  2. The District of West Kelowna shall be named as an Additional Insured.
  3. The Insured shall provide 30 day prior written notice to the District of West Kelowna for any material change and/or cancellation of the Insured’s policy.

How to become a supplier to DWK

  1. If you are not currently a supplier to DWK, please contact the Purchasing Department and make an appointment to introduce your company, provide your contact information and any other relevant details. Even if you have sold goods and services to the DWK in the past, please make sure the Purchasing Department is aware of your company by providing your current contact and operational information. The Purchasing Department buys a very wide variety of goods and services and we may not be aware of what you or your company can offer.
  2. Always check our website forbid opportunities.
  3. Please also consider signing up for eNotifications of bid opportunities. You may select specific categories to receive email notifications by type of project, or choose all opportunities if your company offers multiple services. You will receive an email notification whenever a bid opportunity, matching the category or categories you have selected in your profile are posted onto our website. This will not guarantee that you will receive notification for all bid opportunities, only those which are posted to our website.

It will be your responsibility to keep your contact information and user profile current. Dormant and stale user profiles may be deleted at the discretion of the Purchasing Department.

Questions and Comments

For further information or to seek clarification please contact the Purchasing Department:

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