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Anders Park/Lakeview Heights Community Hall 10-Year Plan

Anders Park Appendices

Anders Park Maps

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Parks and Recreation Plan Appendices

Parks and Recreation Plan Maps

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The District of West Kelowna Parks & Recreation Master Plan 2010 was undertaken to assess the status of parks and recreation within the municipality and guide future parks and recreation development that would reflect the values and needs of the community.

The Master Plan provides overall direction and guidance for managing parks and recreation facilities, infrastructure, resources, programs and investment in the District of West Kelowna over a horizon of 10 years.

Council adopted the Parks and Recreation Master Plan at its July 20, 2010 meeting. Links to the plan, its maps and appendices are provided under Quick Links to the right.

The approved goals of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan are:

  • Celebrate Our Lake & Waterways
  • Protect Our Environment & Showcase Our Natural Playground
  • Connect Our Community
  • Leave a Legacy for the Future
  • Create a Healthy, Vibrant and Active Community
  • Pursue Revenue Generation

Anders Park and Lakeview Heights Community Hall 10-Year Plan

On November 9, 2010, Council adopted the Anders Park and Lakeview Heights Community Hall 10-Year Management Plan. The plan and its maps and appendices are provided under Quick Links to the right.

The plan's development was recommended in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and supported by the Lakeview Irrigation District financially.

After public consultation including a survey, staff presented a concept plan that reflected the following common themes determined through the public process:

  • Retain the multi-use function of the site
  • Continue access to free recreational space (ie: tennis courts, sports box, green space)
  • Lower cost implications
  • Shorter time frame for improvements to the site

Short term recommendations proposed to be completed in the first three years of the plan include:

Play Days Anders Park

  • Existing sports box removal
  • New multi sports box
  • Facility evaluation
  • Security system
  • Bicycle rack
  • Field survey
  • Field fencing upgrades
  • Potential building upgrades
  • Parking improvements


  • HVAC System


  • Tennis court resurfacing
  • Tennis court fencing
  • Potential building upgrades
  • Pedestrian crossing

Council will consider expenditures related to the Anders Park and Lakeview Community Hall 10-Year Management Plan during the upcoming 2011 budget deliberations.


To learn more, please contact the District of West Kelowna's Recreation and Culture Department at:

Phone Icon 778-797-8800
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